"Pedro" photophore
"Pedro" photophore
"Pedro" photophore

"Pedro" photophore

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A handmade photophore made in Murano glass. Each of these pieces is totally handmade from de design to the production of the object. It is entirely hand engraved, where light and shadow create exceptional designs mixing a modern style with a centenary technique.

This collection was inspired by four different cities and some of their enchanting features.

Pedro, was inspired by the magnificent staircase bricks of a Portuguese building. Vienna was inspired by the 17th and 18th century architecture style of the city. New York was inspired by the intimidating skyscrapers and the thousands of lights shimmering in the façades. Berlino was inspired by a distinct building from the fascist period with its inspiring marble decorations.

Our photophores can be used as candle holders to create an intimate and soothing light experience or it is also recommended as a flower vase or by its own as a decorative object.

  • Measurements: 28 x 21 cm
  • Adorment: engraved
  • Customization: No