Exclusive Project

One of a Kind

In the essence of this extraordinary handmade work lies the shape, the color and a sign which inevitably becomes a mesmerizing technique that evolves into objects for a lifetime.

Antique Miniatures

Antique miniatures preserved and evolve as an object for a lifetime. One-of-a-kind pieces enhanced by the beauty and elegance of the Murano glass, shaped by hand with dexterity and care. Bronze details.

Jewellery Boxes

Jewels are forever. Giving them a new life where their magnificence is immortalized in a unique piece that will be alive forever.

BB Oggetti d'arte for CARTIER

bb Ogetti d'arte per il pollenza

An avant-garde cellar, firmly rooted in local winemaking traditions, which ensures the production of very high quality wines

Serving baskets

Elegant and refined hand-blown crystal baskets, which enrich your table

Branching miniature crystal box

Collection crystal box: Ramification. Miniature trees in enamelled copper plates inside the box representing:

Prosperity - Strength - The emblem of life - Protection

Crystal box with antique marbles set

Two different elements combine to create a refined and new object