About Benedetta

A universe of intensities

Shape, design, colour: suffice these three single words to describe the artistic glassware created  by Benedetta Brachetti Peretti. Indeed, moreelaborate explanations could well risk hiding the real and proper essence of her work which, borne of a search for essentiality, is a synthesis of line and genre, a harmonic amalgam of artand design. Glass is the result of the alchemistic combination of fire and silica; Peretti’s work is the outcome of a harmonic blend of shape and colour, proportion and line. Each item is the product of a clear and coherent idea, the artist’s will being impressed in every curve and every line of engraving. Moreover, such is the focus of the creative process that even the subtitles of nuances is pervaded by the same underlying intention, an approach which allows the shadows and designs of Peretti’s glassware to present a vast new universe of intensities.