The bridge of Maravegie

Seven sisters lived by a bridge in Venice: six were renowned for their beauty, while one was considerably less pretty. Among the youths vying for the hands of the six beautiful sisters was Matteo, a champion oarsman. One day, Matteo was training for a regatta on the Grand Canal when he suddenly grew so weak that he couldn’t hold his oar. He was convinced that his physical decline was the result of a spell cast by Marina, the seventh sister.

Knowing Marina would be at home that evening, he set off to get his revenge. Just as he reached the bridge, however, six stars appeared in the sky followed by a seventh star which grew bigger and brighter than all the others.

Matteo ran into the house. When he looked into Marina’s eyes, he could not believe he had been so blind to her beauty and instantly declared his love for her. Marina confessed that she, too, was in love with Matteo. As the couple embraced, Matteo’s strength flowed back into his body. Indeed, love can be a terrible poison, but also an extraordinary medicine.

Matteo won the regatta and the young couple were married immediately after. since that day, the bridge on which the seven sisters lived has been known as Ponte de le Maravegie (literally, ‘bridge of marvels’).